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A Different Revolution

If we want to turn the world right-side up again, we are going to have to summon up the courage to react differently to the powers-that-be than we ever have before. Rioting in the streets and acts of aggression will be met with the same armed response and oppression that it has for thousands of years. This feeds into the “us vs them” mentality that pits class against class. If the future is really going to be different than the past, we have to have a different type of revolution, one based on love, peace and hope. We have to be different people. That’s why I am not jumping on the bandwagon of outrage and despising Trump and his followers. Part of me wants to, but I recognize that part of me is part of the problem and not the solution.


Right after 911, when America started to be referred to as the “Homeland”, I had a suspicion things were changing. “Homeland” I thought. When has America ever been called a “Homeland” before? To me, it harkened back to the “old country” days of the Russian “Motherland” and the German “Fatherland”. I see it now as proto-fascist move to romanticize America and use that to pull our heartstrings and get us to go along with creeping new restrictions on our freedoms. We now have the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security and power to assassinate anyone at will who is believed to be against the security of the “Homeland”. Words have power and when we accept them into our consciousness we can be manipulated like puppets on a string.

The Inner Deficit

What does your inner deficit cause you to do? It makes you buy things you don’t need, give yourself to people who don’t love you, look for comfort in addictions and look for saviors in leaders and religious iconography. The answer, the love, the healing, the hope, the power you are looking for so desperately and fruitlessly is in you. It always has been.