As The Crow Flies

“As The Crow Flies” is a collections of writings gleaned from social media and blogs posts over a period of two and a half years. Within its covers David “Two Crows” Rutland offers his insight, wit and wisdom on such diverse subjects as “Peace and Love”, “Nature” and “Revolution”. Drawing on his lifelong spiritual journey, David brings passion, compassion and a dash of humor to his unique musings on these topics, always with an eye for building unity and community and a heart for Peace, Hope and Love.

As The Crow Flies II

“As The Crow Flies II” is the second collection of writings by David “Two Crows” Rutland. Not only does it contain a gathering of blog and social media posts but includes previously unpublished material from the last 20 years. This book is a unique mix of metaphysical philosophy, social commentary and personal experiences all made highly readable and enjoyable through his wit and wisdom gained from a lifetime of spiritual exploration.


A scientist who discovers an instrument that makes visible the incredible beauty and the mind-numbing horror that surround us every day, a young man who discovers that his dreams of flying are becoming his waking reality, a mysterious visitor whose sudden arrival changes the life of an aging recluse, the kind old woman whose orchard holds a terrifying secret…these are just a few of the inhabitants of the worlds that David Rutland has created in “Kaleidoscope”.
Here is a collection of 11 short stories of fantasy and science fiction whose locations range from far-flung planets across the galaxy to the house just down the street…

The Evolution Within

“The Evolution Within” is one of David Rutland’s earlier works, having been originally written in 2003. These thought-provoking essays are centered around one main concept; the next phase of evolution for humanity is going to take place on the internal frontier, and the ones leading the way will be the mutants, the marginalized, the disregarded and the overlooked. Mutation drives evolution and , according to David, the avenue for delivery of this new evolution of humanity is not DNA, but viral ideas, subconscious images and radical transformation of our social, religious and governmental paradigms…