Hi there, you've reached the website of David Rutland. But which one?

Am I David 'Two Crows' Rutland - writer and author of As The Crow Flies, As The Crow Flies 2 and who graciously allowed the registration of this domain to lapse?

No. That's a different David Rutland

Am I David Rutland, writer and author of Why Computers are computers?

No, I'm not him either.

Am I David Rutland, writer, whose work features on such illustrious websites as cyberpunks.com, arstechnica.com; owner, editor and writer at the much neglected thecrow.uk, a former newspaper journalist, author of such luminary works as Getting Rich Quick: A Four Part Guide for the Gullible and Unscrupulous, former managing editor of the PIA Blog, and currently the boss man at Linux Impact?

Why yes I am!

Am I David Rutland, (aka David Manners), 11th Duke of Rutland, writer, and author of the historical masterpiece: Resolution: Two Brothers, a Nation in Crisis ?

Nope. Not even a relation.

Am I David Rutland the block paving specialist, master of construction and hard landscaping, who has recently laid down his trowel, and may or may not be a writer?

That particular David Rutland has retired from the construction and paving business, and now has time on his hands. I would not be *hugely* surprised if he joined the rest of us David Rutlands in adopting the life of the pen. I am not him.

Yes. I'm the third one down on the list. This site, along with a bunch of other sites and services, resides within a Raspberry Pi based server atop the radiator behind my couch.

The Acrylic portrait within the main site image was created by Sheila Parr of Pet Art Paintings in Yorkshire and is part of a larger painting | The digital portrait is by a mysterious Athenian cyberpunk, known only as… Ducklord.

If your name is also David Rutland and you want to be added to the list of people who I am not, hit me up via email. Extra points if you’ve been published.

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