Where am !?

You’re on my site, dummy. It’s a personal page meant to eventually bind together some (but not all) of my other stuff which is scattered around the internet, and possibly allow a kind of structure to develop.

Physically, the site is running from a Raspberry Pi perched atop a radiator behind the couch, along with a tonne of other stuff that, hopefully, you won’t see. The site was created in jekyll.

Who am I?

I’m David Rutland. The URL should tell you that much. I understand there may be some confusion about this. See the front page for more details.

Short version:

I’m a freelance writer with a background in print journalism. I’ve written for newspapers in the United Kingdom and the middle east.

I am a terrible guitar player, and I spend my free time touring the British Isles, off grid, with my caravan and dog. Occasionally, I write books. No-one likes them, but I have made a few works available on this site

I regularly create articles for websites and occasionally print magazines - both under pseudonyms and under my own name.

Sometimes I take photographs of things I think are cool. My view of what is cool may not align with your view of what is cool.

You want more?

You can find most of my more recent work at cyberpunks.com, arstechnica.com, or at thecrow.uk - which is on the same couch-adjacent server as this site. There is a lot of material out there either under a pseudonym, or attributed to someone else entirely. I don’t tend to keep track of it.

In addition, I am a regular feature writer for Linux Format magazine. You should subscribe.

But why?

It’s cool to have a site with my own name as the URL. That’s it.

I need to talk to you!

I don’t generally use social media.

If you’re in the Fediverse, you can connect to me at @david@social.thecrow.uk

Otherwise, email is your best option. david@myprivatecloud.uk