David Rutland was very gracious in letting his site expire. I’d better do something with it. I’ve decided to go with Jekyll, a static site generator, rather than Wordpress.

I do have wordpress sites on this server, but my favourite ones are built using Jekyll.

I’m not particularly good at it, but it’s fun and I’m improving.

Take a look over at Why does this site look like crap? for more details.

The transfer process was more complicated than I imagined. Did you know that godaddy.com auctions it after the 30 day grace period is over? I didn’t.

The whole process was a ballache, and I would have been much better off asking David for the release codes on expiry day.

At the time of writing, I more-or-less have the front page looking like I want it to. Cheesy mouseovers, accordians and all.

The front page of David Rutland's website

I have no doubt that I’ll change it in the future.