Getting on with the day

I’m so tired, but not for any particular reason. I went to bed at 1am after a bath and a couple of beers and slept well until 7.30am when I woke to the smell of hot coffee brought to me by beautiful wife (who is both intelligent and sexy).

Today, I should be finishing off an article for Linux Format Magazine. It’s an honest-to-goodness print-only monthly magazine for the discerning Linux enthusiast, and you need to actually go down to your corner shop if you want to buy a copy.

It’s my second piece for them - The first was published in issue 272 (February 2021). I like being back on paper and I like the magazine. If there were any permanent berths going, I would jump at the chance.

After that, I’ll be starting an article of between 2k & 3k words on brushing scams for a privacy website. As yet, I don’t know what brushing scams are, but no doubt I’ll have worked it out by the end of the day. This is a follow-up to yesterday’s main activity, which was all about Paypal scams. Before that, I spent about two weeks producing a 5k essay on the various encryption types - I’m well on my unwilling way to becoming an expert.

The privacy / security articles are published under someone else’s name. Meh - It pays the bills.

It’s Thursday today, which means it’s Friday tomorrow, which means I’ll be able to put the green wheelie bin out. Nice!

And then a lie-in on Saturday.

If you’re interested in what I use to write, it’s the built-in text app on my self-hosted Nextcloud instance. Nextcloud does actually have a full office suite (Collabora), which works nicely, but I prefer distraction-free when I have the choice.