I have a new article on cyberpunks.com. I actually wrote it in October last year, but it’s only just been published now. That’s six months.

I used to write a lot for the site, and I love it, but these kind of delays in publication are not unusual. It’s hard to maintain any enthusiasm for something you barely remember writing.

The article came about when the person behind Luxbotics left a spammy comment on the site - and I followed it up by email. What followed was a fascinating insight into the development of a sex robot and the ideas and ideals of its creator, the practicalities, and the challenges.

The problem is that I can write - and get paid for - 10,000 words per month for cyberpunks.com. It’s a nice arrangement, but if it takes months and months to see the words appear on the site, it isn’t that great. I could write the pieces and sell them elsewhere and see them appear in a few days - or a week.

Articles lose any kind of relevancy when they’re this far behind. How is Luxbotics doing now? I don’t know.

I started reducing my output to Cyberpunks in December, and put a temporary hold on in January - at least until the backlog goes down a bit.

You should totally read the Sex Robots article though.

A disassembled sex robot

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