An extract from David Rutland's genetic test report

The likelihood of me actually being me - and not, say, a person who is not me, but with the same name, birthday, and parents is incredibly low.

I share genes with both of my parents, but I am genetically unique. The exact arrangement of alleles is a one-off, never to be repeated.

For various (covid related reasons) I recently surrended a sample of my DNA for analysis, and as a free gift, they gave a quick rundown of the genetic components of various inherited traits.

The results were… not encouraging.

I have zero conscientiousness, am highly likely to become addicted, and possess a tendency to annoy my wife by coming to bed at 3AM, then prevent her from sleeping with my snores and nocturnal movements.

There is, of course, more, and I have written about it over on the PIA blog under the descriptive title, Disagreeable, Lazy, and an Addict – What Genetic Tests Can Tell an Employer or a Partner.

The title alone should give you a clue, but I think Paarthurnax summed it up best. You know the quote I’m referring to.