Exposed and corroded caravan axle

I’ve not had the best week when it comes to vehicles.

First off, we were pulled by the fuzz while going along the Birkenhead docks because of a broken bulb on the caravan. Easy fix as I carry spare bulbs and was able to swap out the bulb by the side of the road. They ran my license and plates while I was doing this and discovered my MOT was three days out of date. £100 fine. Not fun.

My Dad towed us to the site in Frodsham (only about 30 miles away), and we had a great time. He also towed us back.

Using the remote control to back the caravan into it’s home, the wheel buckled. A subsequent visit by a caravan engineer revealed that the drum brakes had worn out, generating excessive heat, and cause the axle to snap.

It’s an expensive fix.