a set of bone conduction headphones, a kitkat, and a bottle of lucazade sport on a furry seat cover

The weather’s good and the evenings are long, which means it’s time for me to start my irregularly annual attempt to push myself into some kind of shape.

I’ve done the couch to 5k programme a few times now, and I always begin with an excess of enthusiasm, as I look forward to actually being able to run a reasonable distance within a few months.

And because I’ve done it before, I already know that I’ll feel goood by the end. I’ll feel healthy and fit, then over the winter, I’ll transform into a lazy couch potato once again.

The feelgood factor kicks in at the end of the first run, when I realise that, yes, I can do this. But by the end of the second, it’s pain for the next few weeks. This is exacerbated by my flat feet (although I’ve learned a few lacing tricks that alleviate this)

Sunset over liverpool bay as seen from moreton

Living on the Wirral is great for running. We have miles of coastline, forests, tracks, parks, and more.

I’ll probably be packing it in again late autumn, which means that I have the most fabulous sunsets and sea views on earth to look forward to.